Wear your PYJAMAS to work day!

We all LOVE a PJ day, right? Well I have good news as coming up on the  16th April is

National wear your pyjamas to work day!

This lazy day originated in America (can you believe) and comes the day after everyone pays their taxes – so I guess its a kind of thank you day. Employees laze around the office drinking coffee with the bosses and some employees aren’t even expected to show in! Epic!

However in good old Blighty, companies here use the day to raise money for various charities and is usually set up by the employees rather than the employer. If nothing else its a fun way to raise monies for smaller charities and is certain to boost moral with a good few laughs! So why not jump on the bandwagon and organise your very own NPJD

Heres a few tips from me on how to set up your own work National wear your pyjamas to work day

LINK UP ! Make a connection with a local charity –  they are always the last to get the fundraising they need and will for sure get on board and help you with the set up for the day.

SNAP IT! Take a group photo of your colleagues sporting their nightwear and send it in to the local press. Not only will it spread the word about the charity you’re raising money for but it could just earn you a few brownie points from your boss (and local community) for boosting positive press about the business you work for.

MAKE IT ATTRACTIVE! You are always going to get the ‘I am NOT wearing my pyjamas in public’ colleagues so set a time slot of two hours PJ wear. It means you have more chance of people joining in if they have the safety net of their own clothes to get back in to!

CAKE! I am yet to find someone who won’t do something for cake! The inexpensive offering of cake and coffee is a sure winner to get more people involved in your event. A small donation towards will also boost your funds!


COMP IT! Run a competition for the ‘silliest’ or ‘craziest’ set. It’ll create a buzz and theres always the class clown who will love to join in with this one!

I look forward to hearing about your ‘wear your pyjamas to work days’ Ill be happy to share your stories on here if you send me in some piccies!

Lizzie x