Mother’s Day – what we really want!

Mother’s Day – Lets MAKE it easy

As Mother’s Day approaches the TV ads, shop windows and our spam boxes are full of gift ideas, but what do we (us Mum’s) really want?

Well I can tell you – nothing makes you feel like you’ve done an  A M A Z I N G  job for the past year like some half dead tulips from the local garage. JOKE. Mothers day is way too commercial now, lets strip it back and give a gift our Mummies, Mums, Mothers, Ma’s or WIFE’s can treasure and leave us with a fuzzy warm feeling inside.

So here are my top gift ideas that you dad’s/ mums & other amazing parentals can make with items you already have at home;

Firstly, A personal favourite of mine. HOME MADE cards are an absolute winner and even better if your little ones go to school or pre-school they’ll most likely be bringing one home so all you have to do (if you’re not on pick-ups) is have a little word with your children to keep them hidden from Mummy until the big day. To be honest the likelihood is that they will blab. They just can’t resist – but you made the effort and that counts for a lot of brownie points!

If however you really want to impress I have some EASY PEASY card ideas below (courtesy of PINTREST)

MUM – You are MY/ OUR Sunshine

How happy is this card? and so easy! Any pasta will work you could even snap spaghetti up for round the edges of the sun and if you don’t have yellow paint or felt tips in, just have a rummage through old magazines or food boxes, there’s sure to be some yellow somewhere!


Your’e TEA-rrific!

This just makes me smile. I LOVE this idea and I also love tea so its a win win! Another idea would be to use a fruit tea bag to make it smell sweet too.

Flower Power!

Here some flowers that won’t fade away. Two easy ideas to make hand print flowers – this is a really great idea if theres a few siblings. Use their favourite colour to make the flowers and let the little ones decorate them in their own way, the less-perfect the better!


Say it with LOVE

This little booklet is a such a lovely and simple idea. You don’t need to use a pack of cards, old scraps of paper or cut outs of photographs would work just as well and make them even more personal. Get the children to write some of the words, as I said earlier, less perfect is better so don’t worry about spellings or straight lines.

You Light up my/our LIFE

This is super cool. You don’t need special paints either you can use normal poster paints and if you have PVA glue, a coating after its dry will keep the paint from flaking. You could also cover the jar in glue and roll it in glitter for a really special effect. The picture below has a false tea light in, a normal tea light (we all have an IKEA special!)  will work fine or you could cut a piece of yellow paper in to the shape of a flame and fix it to the inside of the jar with sticky tak.

I hope I leave you with some inspiration and I look forward to seeing some pictures of your creations!

However you celebrate mothers day, have a lovely day & keep it simple


Lizzie x