Its the final countdown

Christmas is fast approaching and I can feel the panic everywhere I go. We all need to calm down and remember what Christmas is all about…

THE PRESENTS!!!!!! – just kidding.

Quite the opposite actually. Christmas as we all know is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. The king who was born in a stable surrounded by farm animals – no palace, no expense. I think we can learn a lot from our Christmas story in the fact that Christmas is a humble celebration – not the commercialised expense that it has become.

I think we’re all guilty of making Christmas the best we can by over buying for our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews but actually do they appreciate the mass of toys they get or do they actually just make to their one favourite toy and play more with the box it has been packaged in?

So here are my top tips of must do’s (and some don’ts) for Christmas as rated by my very own little fox cubs:

Visit Father Christmas! You don’t have to spend a fortune, there are so many free visits readily available – start with your local Christmas fair. Most towns and villages have them and it’s a great way to support your local community. Children do not care how many bells the elves have on their shoes or weather they get a lego toy or a curly-wurly! Any gift off Father Christmas to them is magical.


Don’t double buy! So many parents buy Christmas presents for their children as well as the gifts they receive from the big man in red. The main reason is they don’t want their children to feel like they haven’t bothered with them. Rubbish! I have never heard of an ungrateful child on Christmas day nor have I heard of any child questioning why they haven’t got more gifts. My children have been perfectly suited with just their stocking presents on Christmas morning (I appreciate this will change with them being just 5 & 2yrs) but they are filled with such excitement I could wrap up a loaf of bread and they would still think it was the best thing since, well… SLICED BREAD! So save yourself time and the extra pennies Dads and Mums – don’t double buy.


Make the most of Christmas Eve. Christmas is so quickly over and done with so it is so important that you embrace the whole holiday and make the most of it that you can. Christmas Eve is my ultimate favourite day. The buzz in the air is just magical and the excitement and happiness in everyone is just so brilliant to be around. Christmas eve is so often lost to last minute gift wrapping, food shopping & cleaning! Order online – avoid the shops on Christmas eve – all yourself if it’s not done by Christmas eve does it really matter? Is anyone really going to notice there are no parsnips on the dinner table? I think not. Spend the day with your nearest and dearest and just do what makes you happy! Our Christmas Eve consists of seeing close friends and family, eating mince pies, drinking mulled wine and most importantly we (the girls) take part in our churches nativity. This year Annie is an Angel and Betsy is a wise woman! Im not sure how that outfit is going to go down!


Do something extra special this Christmas.This year I have donated ‘survival kits’ to the homeless in Preston rather than spending money on Christmas cards. These are so easily put together and something so small can make a huge difference to those with no home, family or belongings. All you need to do is buy a waterproof wash bag (these can be picked up for a few pounds from most bargain shops) and fill with essentials we all take for granted. A few ideas are: toothpaste, tooth brush, mouthwash, Vaseline, chap cream, foot salve, gloves, hat and a warm blanket (at the moment there are fleece blankets available at £land). Inclusions of boiled sweets and clean water are also good to pop in as they are not heavy to carry around but a small treat. There are lots of organisations you can drop donations off such as The Salvation army, Shelter or Barnados, however If you do have just a small amount of time spare go and talk to who you are donating to. Homeless people can go days and even weeks without speaking to anyone – imagine that for a moment. A 10 minute chat can really help.



So there it is – short and sweet.


Wishing you all a fantastic and humble Christmas