Behind every successful woman is HERSELF


With this years International Woman’s day campaign theme being #pressforprogress it seems I couldn’t have chosen a better topic to write about.


They are a revolution. They are taking control of their own lives and their own pay. I follow so many incredible ladies on social who have set up the most amazing and unique businesses whether its crafting, Art, interior design, beauty products or very successful blogging they are all inspirational in their own way and without a doubt DOING IT FOR THEMSELVES

I know what your thinking – by the time you’ve fed, clothed, washed and basically kept your children alive, going to work is tough enough let alone throwing your OWN business in to the mix – so how are you going to do it?

We are all good at something and it could just be the key to your success. You just need to find it. Don’t look too deep, think about what people comment on about you – comments that you will probably dismiss. For example a good friend of mine is super organised and would always get comments like ‘how do you do that – how do you have the ability to be in a room for 10 minutes and it’s now tidy and nothings been binned’. She is now playing to that strength and is in the process of setting up a room & wardrobe tidy business with a lot of interest already and she’s not even launched.

Get on social and start linking up with other like minded mums. This will be your strongest asset. Everyone is so helpful – making good connections is invaluable. You help others and they will sure enough help you back. Join ‘mums / ladies in business networking groups’ you will need the support. Every fear, high & emotion you have whilst creating your own business will have been felt by someone else who completely understands.

Whether you do or don’t want to explore entrepreneurial-ship there’s one thing we can all do within our own lives and that is to be your own biggest fan. No I don’t mean be big headed or all ‘me me me’ – I mean back yourself. All the time. As mums we are everyone else’s biggest support. Just think how often you tell your children or partner each day;

‘you can do this’

‘your great at this’

‘go for it’

Its a lot harder to say it to yourself and really hard to say it to yourself and believe in it too. We as women need to believe in ourselves and support each other unconditionally. Behind every successful woman is HERSELF. True story.


All above said, this is in no way accepting the gender pay gap and we MUST keep campaigning for it to be equalised. It is predicted the gap will not be closed in the next 200 years and I have huge admiration for the women who are taking control and truly getting behind themselves. You can do your part and get behind #pressforprogress here.

Be the best version of you always

Lizzie x