Girls Gone Fishing
At the moment Betsy is slightly obsessed with fish. It all started when she was watching ‘Ben and Holly’ and they went on an adventure to catch BIG BAD BARRY. Ever since, that’s all Betsy does in the bath – the problem being poor Annie gets to be Barry!
So this morning when she woke up and suggested we went to catch BIG BAD BARRY, how could I say no? The sun was shining and I had 2 girls, 2 fishing nets and a sausage dog in tow – what could go wrong?
Off we went down to the brook to catch a seriously big fish. I opened the gate, one dog through, one child through and then I heard the screams, ‘I’ve fallen in the mud, I hate fishing’ this adventure just wasn’t working out for Annie. 
After a quick dust off and cuddle everything was fantastic again and off we went down stream. We found lots of ‘tiddlers’ AKA Leptophlebids but unfortunately ‘Big Bad Barry’ was no where to be seen. 
We carried on wading through the 3inch deep water, carrying on our adventure and found many mini beasts along the way, Annie took a container so she could look closer at the beasts but Nellie the sausage dog took too much interest in this… lets just leave it at that! 
All jokes aside there is so much wildlife in our English streams and rivers and not to mention hours of free fun for children (and parents). The Eden River Trust  have an amazing free name that mini beast activity sheet on their website so get exploring, I promise, it will be a hit with all the family!