Is Bedtime Really Perfect?

I was going to call this post ‘The Perfect Bedtime’ but then I asked myself, is bedtime really perfect? Well I am sure most of you parents will agree that not all bedtimes are perfect but there are things out there to help! One thing we all know for sure is that each child is unique. I know this as I have two little girls at each end of the spectrum, but one thing they both enjoy is our bedtime routine.

Keep it simple. Keep it clean. Keep it smelling a dream.

Bath time at Little Willows always follows tea time/dinner time – whatever you like to call your evening meal! This is well established here, the girls leave the kitchen table and head straight for the bathroom.

Toys, toys and more toys! Don’t hold back on toys in the bath, this is every child’s last adventure of the day so make it fun! There are theory’s that bath time should be calming,  however I have to disagree, we are talking about children after – all and I am yet still to meet a child who likes a leisurely bath with a Jo Malone lit on the window sill!

Talking of beautiful smells, there is only one bedtime wash for our little cubs and that is the Bloom & Blossom Baby Sleep Bedtime Wash. It is made from 99% natural ingredients which makes for beautiful baby soft skin, perfect for this house as Annie suffers with eczema. The scent is a blend of ylang ylang, chamomile and lavender and leaves your little ones smelling yummy!

After bedtime, we get dried in front of the fire and snuggle into fresh cotton pyjamas. I have always had a love for cotton pyjamas as it is what we wore as children and there is nothing compares to the comfort against the skin. At the moment, it is pretty chilly around here and Annie is asking for the same pyjamas every night (In the Garden). The brushed cotton is so snuggly & warm, it’s quite a challenge getting them clean and dried for each night so I gave in and let her have two pairs!

No, I don’t mean the boys in blue, all bed time routines should be a blue light free zone which means no tablets and no television. Bring back the books. I feel hard back books are sadly dying a death – even some school books are now coming home via tablet and you just can’t beat a real book. We limit bedtime reading to one book each as it would go on forever and the aim of the game is to get the cubs in bed. At the moment Annie is loving the ‘Elmer’ books whilst Betsy has just discovered Judith Kerrs; ‘The Tiger who came for Tea’ or as Betsy simply calls it, ‘Tiger book’. We read books in bed with a cup of warm milk. Lights out (but we still have night lights) can be anything from half 7 to half 8 for Annie – Betsy is pretty set on 7.30pm. I don’t get hung up on bed times as long as the routine is there it really doesn’t matter. Extracurricular activities vary so much in times it really is mission impossible to hit the same bed time. Remember we are all winging this parenting game and we are all trying out best!