Chicken Chase

Half term can only mean one thing… money! Everything that on ordinary weeks are free always have sneaky ways of emptying your purse weather it’s a bouncy castle there for one week only for the bargain price of £6 for a 5-minute jump or a ‘carve your own pumpkin’ you can even take it home if you pay for the work your child’s just done!

Is Bedtime Really Perfect?

I was going to call this post ‘The Perfect Bedtime’ but then I asked myself, is bedtime really perfect? Well I am sure most of you parents will agree that not all bedtimes are perfect but there are things out there to help! One thing we all know for sure is that each child is unique, I know this as I have two little girls at each end of the spectrum, but one thing they both enjoy is our bedtime routine.

Welcome To Little Wild Fox

If you’re reading this then you’ve already found our brand new website! Hopefully you’ve had a good look around and read up on what Little Wild Fox is all about.

Girls Gone Fishing

At the moment Betsy is slightly obsessed with fish. It all started when she was watching ‘Ben and Holly’ and they went on an adventure to catch BIG BAD BARRY. Ever since, that’s all Betsy does in the bath – the problem being poor Annie gets to be Barry!

The Little Wild Fox Poem

The Little Wild Fox with bright red hair 

Lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere 

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