Chicken Chase

Half term can only mean one thing… money! Everything that on ordinary weeks are free always have sneaky ways of emptying your purse, whether it’s a bouncy castle there for one week only for the bargain price of £6 for a 5-minute jump or a ‘carve your own pumpkin’, you can even take it home if you pay for the work your child’s just done!

Well this week we are largely making our own entertainment in between me writing this of course! We have already completed a treasure hunt which was a great way to kill a few hours, ordinary household items hidden around the garden made for lots of fun – especially when the chicken hut was involved!

Betsy was of course more interested in chasing the chickens, getting more & more frustrated that they wouldn’t let her pick them up, whilst Annie followed the clues to collect a basket full of treasure, otherwise known as a mug, a picture frame, a candle, packet or rice and a few other shiny objects!

On Tuesday, we went for a walk down ‘Brock Bottoms’ which is a woodland river park near to our home. The day was quite fitting for Halloween being dark and windy it was a spooky walk through the woods which the children enjoyed hugely.

Annie thought it was a great idea to try and count all the leafs falling from the trees but we gave up after 127 and decided to collect them instead! They are currently drying out on the Aga ready for some autumn crafts tomorrow – disposable table cloth at the ready!